Authentic Entertainment has been producing your favorite reality television shows for over ten years, including Here Comes Honey Boo-BooFlipping OutAuction KingsToddlers & Tiaras, Ace of Cakes, and many more. Now we’re looking for our next big hit, and it could be you! Do you live in an amazing world with unforgettable characters? Do your family members or co-workers constantly surprise you with how ridiculous/funny/loud/crazy/unique/fun they are? Have you ever said to yourself “Wow, this should really be a TV show?” We want to make that a reality.

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Louisiana Casting

Now casting groups of friends in Louisiana.  We’re looking for fun-loving people who are living the life by their own rules and are fiercely proud to be from this great…

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White Collar Brawlers

NOW CASTING SEASON 2 of WHITE COLLAR BRAWLERS Esquire Network is currently in search of colleagues who want to duke it out in the boxing ring!  Are you in need…

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Family Business

FAMILY BUSINESS spotlights a new family-run business in each episode. Maybe it’s three sisters just starting their cupcake empire, or two generations of Texans introducing a new menu at their 30 year-old BBQ joint.

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